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TASC (Time & Signal Controller)

The TASC Unit, otherwise known as the Time and Signal Controller, operates as a master controller for synchronous wall clocks, bells, horns, or even turning electrical items on or off.  The TASC Unit solution allows for total synchronization of your horns, bells, and synchronous digital or analog wall clocks to your computer network or as a stand alone unit that synchronizes with the NIST Atomic Clock via WWVB radio signal. No software to install as this fully self-contained unit can run as a part of your network or as an independent unit and be accessed easily through any web browser for configuration and diagnosis.  Imagine having all of your employees working on the same synchronized network, all of your bells ringing at the same time, all when your synchronous wall clocks strike 5:00 PM! This is now an affordable reality!

  • 4 Relay Outputs
  • Eight levels of scheduling per relay
  • 32 events per level           1 - 32 second duration
  • Flexible scheduling by day of week
  • Automatic Atomic Synchronization with NIST time signal for up-to-the-second accuracy
  • Operate unit on your network with Static or Dynamic IP assignment or on it's own in stand-alone mode
  • Easy web interface
  • Allows for correction signaling of wired synchronous secondary wall clock
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